Logo Nekomatcha

Welcome to Nekomatcha Cat Café!
Our cat café offer a variety of drinks and pastries, but most importantly: a lot of fuzzy friends!
Our snacks and beverages are homemade and organic, our residents are fluffy and cute!

Du lundi au Samedi
10h00 – 20h00

13 Rue du Chat, Nîmes, 30000

Get to know

Our friends are actually rescued cats! Breed isn’t what we focused on, we want to offer a cosy place to live. You can even adopt them if you want to!

Snacks and drinks

Our concept is about cats and food. We also value the environement, and this is why our snacks and drinks are organic and homemade! Some of the items might not be on the menu, depending on the season. We also have special treats for our little friends that you can buy and feed them!

Support us

If you are a proud cat lover, and want to support our café, you can grab some shirts, tote bags or even stickers!