Not only our cat café offers you a good time with cute cats, but it also provide a source of refreshment, and you can eat everything you want !

We try to provide the most fresh pastries and snacks for our customers. With organic and/or local ingredients, we make sure to show our support to our local farmers.

For our beverage, we select Fair Trade Cocoa or Coffee beans !

Our Sweet snacks

Lemon Tartles

Sweet almond crust, organic lemon curd and italian meringue on top.


Strawberries, lemon, chocolate : we have all flavours with those cute cat glazed donuts !


Our residents are so cute that we baked them into cookies !

Cat brioche

Our brioche is homemade, and you can spread butter or strawberry jam on it !

Our Salty snacks

Cat souffle

Those tiny soufflé are stuffed with seasonal veggies, such as spinach, carrot, etc…

Tuna onigirazu

It’s a Japanese tuna-kimchi rice sandwich ! It’s really filling and tasty

Egg sandwich

Egg sandiwches are quite popular. The eggs are organic, coming from the farm next-door.


Covered with sesame syrup, our dango goes well with green tea !

Our beverages

matcha tea

The most iconic tea you can get here ! Leaves come from a fair trade company.

Chocolat gourmand

This fancy cup of hot cocoa will warm you up during winter, topped with whipped cream !


Wanna start the day with a little punch ? Try out our organic black coffee bean !

Bubble tea

Coming right from Taiwan, Bubble tea also has its place on our beverages menu!