Rules and informations

Kids above 12 years old only

Children above 12 years old should be accompanied  by an adult. ID might be resquest for verification. Thanks for your understanding.

Wash your hands regularly

We take good care of your furry friends, to prevent any health issues, please wash your hands if they get dirty to prevent germs and illnesses.

Wear shoes protection

For our cats well-being, since they like to eat on the ground, please wear shoes protection to prevent germs on their food!

Don't bother the cats

Do not pull cats' ears, tails or hairs. You should have a good behaviour with them, or you will be banned from our café!

Don't feed the cats

We take great care of our cats and you shouldn't feed them with "human" foods. We made special treats for them, if you want to give them food, please buy our treats!

Turn off flash

You can take as many pictures as you want, but please turn of the fash, for the comfort of our cats. It may bother and scare them away!

Where to find us